Dressage Lessons

Dressage Made Simple

A serious word to all trainers of Dressage and those who want to become trainers.

My website was created with the idea to serve as an incentive to awaken each rider’s individual creativity when selecting the best possible training program from the numerous dressage exercises and articles this site has to offer.

It also functions as an effective alternative to the widespread popularity of the ‘Roll-Kur,’ a System found highly damaging and hurtful for most of the horses that were exposed to it.

I think it is high time to present better solutions for the well-being of our horses than this Heresy of Dressage has to offer.

A Brief Review of What is Important

The trainer’s greatest responsibilities are:

  • Educating the horse in the right way of ‘thinking’
  • Confirming the correct ‘work-ethics’
  • Assisting to reach the best physical fitness possible through correct forward riding
  • Establishing a sound foundation of obedience when in the saddle and camaraderie when on the ground
  • Aiding your partner – the horse – to reach the highest levels of physical, mental and emotional balance possible.

Those five points formed the core around which all Classical training was centered.

Since all good training is based upon the proper selection of an effective training program using a variety of exercises tailored to the horse’s needs I put together an extensive collection of charts, patterns and combinations so you can choose the best for your horse.

For the tactful rider/trainer the horse’s mental and physical fitness will always determine which exercise, movement or pattern is going to be the “center of the rider’s attention” for the next three days. After that another pattern can be chosen to become the rider’s ‘center of attention’. Using this approach toward the training of the equine athlete a steady gradual progress is guaranteed.

These downloadable PDFs offer a vast selection of different movements, necessary exercises, useful patterns and more advanced techniques not to be found elsewhere providing the creative rider with the best possible tools for a victorious outcome.

Good luck!